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Our moving box packs are the cheapest online! Price Match Guarantee*

With 10 years of experience in offering cardboard packing boxes, We Do Boxes provides best fit moving boxes to store your residential and/or office belongings. Since the requirements of every household or individual are different, sizes of our boxes also differ. Right from medium, large, to extra-large, you can select the right product that may suit your moving requirements.

All our moving box packs are equipped with packing paper and bubble wrap to ensure that your fragile and delicate stuff doesn’t rattle around inside the cardboard boxes. Glassware items, ornaments, crockery, etc. can be safely packed layer-by-layer for all long distance moves.

All you need to do is just visit our online store to shop for reasonably priced removal boxes that to store your valuables for a safe relocation and/or to better organise your space.

Tips to use cardboard packing boxes and preserve your belongings

  1. Place bulky or heavier goods at the bottom of the moving boxes.
  2. Block the empty corners with the aid of fabric goods. Doing this will cut down the chances of breakage and clattering of the objects.
  3. Small size items like: - nail-cutter, perfumes, mugs, spoons and forks, toiletry, medical drugs, knife, scissors, etc. should be kept in small bags before storing them inside a medium moving box.
  4. Keep your clothes in chest of drawers to create more space in the removal boxes.
  5. Dismantle all your assembled artefacts and place them in separate boxes. Also, use a permanent marker to put labels on each of these bags for easy identification.
  6. Seal these boxes properly with brown tape to avoid smashing.
  7. Do not forget to wrap the fragile goods with bubble wrap or packing paper before placing them in the moving boxes.
  8. Carry all your confidential credentials like: - passport, driving license, etc. with you. Put them inside your handbag or folder that you’ll be carrying with yourself.
  9. Create a checklist of the items you are storing inside a particular box and put it as label. So you’ll know which items are to be unpacked first.
  10. In the quest of stuffing your belongings, do not overload your moving boxes

Special Offers

Cardboard boxes are the most ideal products to use to get your stuff organised. Rather than visiting your local supermarket to purchase removal boxes or relying on your removal company to provide them to you, shop at, a premier online service where you can get a great deal for removal box packs that are within your budget.

All our moving box packs are inclusive of packaging paper and bubble wraps, ensuring that all your belongings will beshipped safely and will arrive in great condition. Although our packing boxes are affordable, we assure you that they come in great quality, allowing for heavier packing and long travels.

Packing Your Stuff in Removal Boxes

A wide variety of items can fit in a removal box, but that doesn't mean that you can just fill all of your stuff in a box altogether. Here are some tips to get your things organised:

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